Our vision is to advance human progress in low Earth orbit (LEO) with unconventional space technology. Areas of development include space debris remediation, alternative spacecraft propulsion, and satellite technologies. We believe that the time is now for the commercialization of space. By providing a means to make this easy and safe, we will help guide the space industry into a new renaissance.

Our mission is to reduce space debris by introducing the D3 propellant free maneuvering and deorbit device in unison with our AI Command & Control (AI C&C) Module. At 10% the cost of traditional rockets and reaction wheels, the lack of propellant makes it safe and reliable. The D3 can deorbit a spacecraft in LEO, making it the perfect backup subsystem for any satellite. Orbotic Systems will use the D3 with the AI C&C Module to detect space threats while performing avoidance maneuvers and deorbiting dead spacecraft. The D3 and AI C&C Module work together as an orbiting robot (ORBOT) that is available to spacecraft operators.


Space Debris Remediation

Propulsion & Energy