We are excited to announce that Orbotic Systems Inc. has entered into a license agreement for the D3 Deorbiter. The D3 (Deorbit Drag Device) is a revolutionary new passive orientation and deorbiter technology for LEO spacecraft. The D3 addresses a number of issues concerning orbiting spacecraft, including the following:

  • Space traffic management, orbital debris mitigation, and satellite control.
  • Enables LEO spacecraft (altitudes up to 700km) to meet 25-year orbital debris requirements.
  • Avoid potential collisions; reduce liability and risk of generating new debris.
  • Provides the ability to target unpopulated earth re-entry points.
    • Alleviates hardware or hazardous materials concerns for spacecraft that survive entry
    • Mitigates risk of human casualty
  • Allows CubeSat or other spacecraft constellations to stagger via differential drag force.
  • Improves ground radar visibility of spacecraft (greater surface area profile).
  • Passive orientation does not require fuel thrusters. This lowers weight and eliminates risks of explosions and space debris.
  • Provides a very cost effective solution for attitude and orientation while addressing deorbiting mandates.

As you can imagine, the Orbotic Systems team is very optimistic about the prospects of offering the D3 to industry, government, and academia. Even hobbyists can benefit from the D3 solution. Testing is planned for 2021 and we hope to present the D3 at SpaceCom next year. Our initial rollout is scheduled for late 2021. Stay tuned for more updates as they occur!

nam de spatio terrae,

Erik T. Long

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